MST Workshops - CS Littoral - September 17th - 18th 2014

Le mercredi 17 septembre 2014.
Par : Pierre Couillard

Animators :

  • Pierre Couillard, RÉCIT national de la mathématique, de la science et technologie
  • Jean-René Wouters, RÉCIT local, CP MST, CS du Littoral


Question of the day : What is the role of ICT in my classroom in student learning ?

Adding a tool in his trunk ? Good idea ! But we still need to know when to use it (and why) and what to do with...

  1. IWT
  2. Scratch et ScratchJr
  3. Algodoo
  4. GeoGebra
  5. Tablet in MST (or Mobile device in my class)
  6. Future trends...
  7. Questions and comments...

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